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The Harp Twins Interview (Part 1)

Camille & Kennerly Kitt, known collectively as the Harp Twins, are definitely two of a kind. In fact they are currently the world’s the only known professional harp playing identical twins. With their immense popularity, personal charm and dedication to their many fans, they are also spearheading a small phenomenon, which they have dubbed the…

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The Art of Fae Nouveau (Part 7) – Avalon to Camelot

For any fan of the fantasy genre, one can hardly help but be influenced by the Arthurian legends in some way, there have been so many retellings of the basic story and it seems like every generation has it’s own new fresh take on it, whether filtered through Thomas Mallory, T. H. White, Marion Zimmer Bradley…

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The Art of Fae Nouveau (Part 6) – Look how far we’ve come

My interest in Art Nouveau and especially Mucha’s work goes back quite a long way, it was probably even there before I had a name that I could put to it. That love of organic shapes in a decorative application and a love of the skillful use of line. I think I first fell in…

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