Alexandra Haley interview continued….

AT: Well this is the final part of the interview June is almost over. I want to wish you a happy birthday! I hope that some time you would like be a guest blogger on our site and talk about your favorite art. This week I have included the cover and title page of your coloring book.

These are available on her website each one is hand made and they are very nice.

Alexandra Haley coloring book.

Alexandra Haley hand made coloring book.

AT: What is coming up for you?

I go to many faire’s and convention’s throughout the year. You can find me at Faerie Con West in February, Spring Fairy Festival in April, and  All’s Faire in June. If you check in on my Facebook and on my website at events. I am always updating where I will be, hopefully I will be going to even more events as time goes on.

AT: Are there any other interviews or articles about you? 

I have been interviewed once for an online magazine called Fairy Room. 

Anything else can be found on my website directly, I post on there rather often showing progress pictures and keep everyone informed. I think I do struggle from time to time to be accepted, yes doing what I am doing has indeed opened a lot of doors for me. However I do not conform to a sole fantasy artist nor do I fully fit into the world of anime. I am very much in between and sometimes it is hard to be accepted by either genre. Saying that, I have gotten so much positive feedback and that keeps growing by the day. I think I am carving my place in both worlds, and it is a journey and experience that I fully enjoy. I do not think there is really anymore more I can say about me, other than if it is shiny, cute or pixie like that thoroughly makes my day.

AT: Do you have any formal training?

I do not really have any formal training, other than the art classes in High School which really do not count. I learned a lot from my mother and my grandmother but that is not saying that I would not further my craft by taking art classes in the future it is one of my goals. So basically I am for the most part at the moment self taught.I do what I love, it is my passion and my business. I figure you can only keep going up if you are willing to fight for your dreams.

 AT: Thank you so much Alexandra, I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future. I will update the site throughout the month with more pictures and maybe one of your speed painting videos I think other people would enjoy seeing how you work as much as I do.