An Interview with Alexandra Haley continued…..


AT:What inspires you currently?

Everything… I would have to say everything inspires me from music to books and even video games. I just this last year took a trip to England to visit my sister and got the inspiration for my masquerade faerie’s which is going to be a lengthy project I am working on. So I would say that life as a whole inspires me, because even the littlest thing can trigger a whole image to come to life. I think one of my favorite characters that really stands out is Wesley from the Princess Bride he shows such determination and courage in that movie I think things like that can really inspire a person.

AT: That’s funny The Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies, so many good quotes! What about your work do you enjoy most? Dislike most?

I do not think there is really one thing that I could point out that I love the most, I fully enjoy what I am doing. I think that is everyone’s dream to find something in life you love doing and have the courage to just do it. However more often than not I do get frustrated because the image in my head does not always form perfectly on my screen. So I fight with it and over come, however anything that is not a certain way because I am such a perfectionist I will keep in mind for my next picture. I always try and learn from any mistakes.

AT: What advice would you give to others in your field?

I think one of the major issues I had when I first started was I did not know where to market my artwork or where to sell it. It took me a while to really settle in and when I started doing fantasy faires and anime conventions things changed. I found other artists and just people in general accepting my art style and I am blessed with a lot of support whether it be from the art community or my family. I think my best advice would be is know your market, be open to new things and do not hesitate to ask for help when you need it.