Featured Artist for June “Alexandra Haley”

Artist talk is now one month old and we are featuring a new artist. Alexandra Haley is a fantastic fantasy artist that I met this year. She is extremely talented and a really nice person too. I met her this year at the Spring Fairy Festival where we also had a booth. Her art is all digital and very intricate, her characters are really fun and she makes interesting compositions. One of the things I like about her characters is that they all have names and themes to go with them. When I met her she was wearing an outfit that she designed and had made by Lisa Stokely  inspired by one of her paintings, see below.

I have added a new page to the site calledFeatured Artist (located to the right, under “About the Artists”) where I will post the entire  interview with Alexandra. I will be adding posts throughout the month with more pictures of Alexandra’s art.

 Go and check out her website at: http://www.alexandrahaleyart.com/index.html

Alexandra Haley

An Interview with Alexandra Haley, (Part One)

AT: What kind of work do you do?

My artwork is a mix of traditional and Japanese style artwork. (Fantasy Anime Art) it encompasses strong men and woman, that have a lot of confidence in themselves and their abilities. I love the natural human form and all it’s curvature and that comes across in all my artwork. I have recently dived into the world of steampunk and I am really excited to see where that journey takes me. The basis of my work is fantasy anime, which is a mixture of Japanese anime and traditional fantasy artwork.

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AT: When did your interest in fairy/fantasy-related work begin? What first inspired you?

Art has played a major part in my life since I was very young, whether it was doodling or doing portraits at the age of 10. My interest in fantasy however started when we got our first computer and I was able to search the world wide web. I came across one of Amy Brown’s pictures and completely fell in love. I think it has been my life’s mission to become a respected artist like her. Also Boris Vallejo had some pictures that really pulled me in, but there are so many fantasy and anime artists I love I can not name them all. The anime side of my artwork came about when my best friend showed me my first anime in high school and it just took off from there.