Interview with Fatemeh Haghnejad Part Two

This is the conclusion to our two-part inteview with illustrator Fatemeh Haghnejad. The interview in its entirety can be found throughout the month of August in the “Featured Artist” link to the right.


What about your work do you enjoy most? Dislike most?



When I am getting ready to start a new project in a clean workplace, the part I really enjoy is making new characters.

Dislike: when I feel blocked, when I get stuck, often I stick to a similar work routine



© Fatemeh Haghenjad


What advice would you give to other artists or budding artists?



Work! never give up! Miracles will happen in each piece! You just need be ready and willing.


© Fatemeh Haghenjad


Is there anything artistically that you’ve always wanted to explore but have never tried?



Doing illustration and character design for Disney.



© Fatemeh Haghenjad


What is coming up for you?



I have number of projects coming out soon. These days I am writing my first book, which is very enjoyable, like exploring somewhere new for me.



© Fatemeh Haghenjad



Where can we find your work?


© Fatemeh Haghenjad