Interview with Harmony Sage Lawrence, Part 1

In the Balance - Libra © Harmony Sage Lawrence

In the Balance – Libra © Harmony Sage Lawrence


I first heard about Harmony Sage Lawrence in a news story about about a person who hiked up Mt. Rainier in a ball gown of her own making. I knew immediately that this was someone interesting who I wanted to learn more about. And there is indeed much to learn. She is a true renaissance woman with many talents and skills, and does all of them superbly. Maker of clothing, photographer, model and creator of some of the best online Photoshop tutorials that I’ve come across.

This is the first of a three part feature. The interview in its entirety can be found through the month of January in the Featured Artist link to the right.

How would you describe your work in general?

My work is a mixture of costume making, photography, and photo retouch.  I blame it on a culmination of my childhood art interests and the summers I spent stuck out in remote locations during my years working at state parks.  I started sewing when I was 5 years old and became fascinated in photography around the age of 13.  When I got stuck out at the parks, my hobbies came alive.  I spent hours experimenting on the sewing machine and Photoshop. Every time I went out, I brought my camera with me to find new material to photograph.  I made so many hilariously bad sewing and Photoshop mistakes out there, but that isolation provided me a platform for refinement.

My art is a positive feedback loop now. I work hard to take better photographs of my dresses, and I strive to make better dresses to photograph. Once those pictures are taken I work to make them look better with post processing.  All three of these art forms keep having to elevate so that my work improves.

The Dancing Doll © Harmony Sage Lawrence

The Dancing Doll © Harmony Sage Lawrence


Any favorite projects that you’ve worked on?

My rose gown is one of my favorite dresses today.  I made it about one year ago in preparation for proposing to my creative partner Sean Parker.  So there are multiple reasons that one is special to me, not to mention that it was a very complex creation.  It takes about 1 month to make one of those gowns and the process makes each one unique.

The Rose Queen © Harmony Sage Lawrence

The Rose Queen © Harmony Sage Lawrence


I also love my denim ball gown, its fun to wear, fun to photograph, super recycled (like most of my gowns), and very comfortable.

Noontide © Harmony Sage Lawrence

Noontide © Harmony Sage Lawrence


Your creative output is very multifaceted. Is there any one area that you feel closest to?

It’s hard for me to tell sometimes.  At times one art or another will call to me more, but there has never been a moment where the tug of one would reduce my efforts on another.  They certainly transform as time goes on and there are years where one will get more attention than another.  This year has been a more photo heavy year, the year before that was more focused on dress creations.



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  1. Princess Indigo

    I stumbled upon the rose dress on Pinterest and had to see it full size. The link led me here and I must say I was floored by all of your gorgeous work! I just wanted to say I love your creativity, your genius, you work! I love you! LOL Seriously, this page and the video you post cheered me up after a long a trying day. Thank you for being you and sharing your gifts. Take care!

    Princess Indigo

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