Interview with Harmony Sage Lawrence, Part 3

This is the conclusion of our three-part feature on Harmony Sage Lawrence. The interview in its entirety can be found through the month of January in the Featured Artist link to the right.

Tell us a little about Sage of the Trades and Sage of the Trades Whimsical

Sage of the Trades is a shop I run on Etsy where I sell my dresses and costume accessories. That shop has a theme of fantasy and historical costumery.  Sage of the Trades Whimsical is  a shop I help my mother run.  Whimsy has a theme of colorful childrens toys and accessories.  Items in both shops are almost entirely recycled.  So many fabrics go to waste, we try to use as much recycled material as we can in ready made items.

Freyja © Harmony Sage Lawrence

Freyja © Harmony Sage Lawrence


Is there anything artistically that you’ve always wanted to explore but have never tried?

I really want to get into metal work and leather hardening eventually.  I think they would be a fun skill to add to my toolkit. I work with a lot of soft lightweight materials with my skills and I would like to add more of a hard edge to some pieces.

Villians and Heroes - Hades and Aries © Harmony Sage Lawrence

Villians and Heroes – Hades and Aries © Harmony Sage Lawrence


What is coming up for you?

I am currently preparing to launch a new YouTube channel where I talk about social media and advice for budding artists and creators.  I am hoping to launch in the next few months and if any of you would like to know when that happens contact me at and I will put you on a news list.

It is hard being a new artist and finding out how to be effective quickly.  Many artists won’t share tips with others about their successes because they are worried about losing theirs.  I want to create a channel that will be completely open about techniques for success.



Where can we find your work?

I am on multiple social networks.  My most active networks are the following:






Mist and Shadows © Harmony Sage Lawrence

Mist and Shadows © Harmony Sage Lawrence