Interview with Jade Cheung, Part 3

This is the conclusion of our three-part feature on Jade Cheung. The entire interview can also be found throughout the month of April in the Featured Artist link to the right.


Lady Loki and the Soldier  © Jade Cheung

Photo © Studio 5 Graphics


Tell us a little bit about the world of cosplay for you.

Cosplay for me is having the opportunity to do something with my love of movie level special effects. It’s a reason to explore and create using the techniques that have sparked my curiosity through special features on DVDs or online demos and tutorials, and also simply to play dress up on a much higher caliber than I could ever have as a kid when I used spare lace curtains to drape myself in and prance about the house pretending I was a princess. It’s also a wonderful technical challenge as I seek to outdo my previous costume, and having conventions and an audience to show that off to that I didn’t back in middle school and high school, and share my love of a fandom with, is a reward in of itself!

Game of Thrones Dragon Egg  © Jade Cheung

Game of Thrones Dragon Egg
© Jade Cheung


Is there anything artistically that you’ve always wanted to explore but have never tried?

Always. That list never ends because new products and mediums keep making themselves known to me! I would love the opportunity to work with practical special effects for a studio as a regular job. Whether its for props or makeup sfx, yes to all of it! I’ve spent a chunk of my childhood ogling stuff in the backgrounds of movies and costumes the actors are wearing instead of watching the movie. In the meantime, my outlet for that has been cosplay.


Stirling Map © Jade Cheung

Stirling Map
© Jade Cheung

What is coming up for you?

This year, for projects, I’ll be working on a new map for author, S.M. Stirling, for a new Change Series book that will follow The Desert and the Blade, along with a related project I believe. I’d previously illustrated the map for The Golden Princess, if anyone’s curious as to what the new one might look like stylistically.

Additionally, I’m anxiously awaiting the release of the movie, The Last Witchhunter, out in October 2015, to see if my resin crow skulls ultimately were used in the film or not.

Aside from those, so far I have my usual shows and panels lined up, though this year, I will also be doing a couple hands-on workshops, Foamsmithing 101, through King County Libraries. They are free to attend, but will require pre-registration and the class is capped at 10 people. So far, the locations booked for the workshops are at Duvall and North Bend. If anyone would like the workshop presented at their local KCLS library, go prod the teen librarian at your branch!

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