Interview with Ken Meyer Jr. Part 3

This is the conclusion to our three-part interview with Ken Meyer Jr. The interview in its entirety can found throughout the month of June in the Featured Artist link to the right.


You’ve worked in all sorts of different media and have done everything from horror to pastoral landscapes. Are there any media and/or genres of work that you would like to explore but haven’t yet?

I have done a few oils, but would like to do that more, when I get the time. I also have a few ideas for series of paintings…it’s just hard finding the time to do work just for me when I have to do enough work to try to pay the bills.


Cathedral 2 © Ken Meyer Jr

Cathedral 2 © Ken Meyer Jr




What is coming up for you?

I just finished two series of large sketch cards depicting characters from the TV shows Grimm and American Horror Story (Asylum), I am getting ready to do 500 (!) more sketch covers for Avatar (a series having to do with ancient gods…lots of them), and I continue to do altered Magic the Gathering cards frequently, as well as commissions of all types of things.


© Ken Meyer Jr

© Ken Meyer Jr


Anything else you’d like to add?

Well, I do have a book of my fantasy/horror work available. There is also a new book out called The Gathering, which brings together a bunch of us early Magic the Gathering artists to show new work. I write a monthly column on the comic fanzines of the 60s/70s/80s called Ink Stains at  I am always open to new commissions and freelance, so please feel free to contact me!


© Ken Meyer Jr

© Ken Meyer Jr



Where can we find your work?



I have a website at Ken Meyer Jr. I do need to update it, though.

You can find my work for sale also at Fine Art America

Redbubble: kenmeyerjr,

and of course you can find me on facebook. I have a regular and a fan page.



Jimi © Ken Meyer Jr