Interview with Matthew Van Zee, Part 1

Matthew Van Zee


Matthew Van Zee is something of an icon for me. It seems like as long as I’ve been going to renaissance faires and various other outdoor festivals he has been there, both with his traveling magic show and in the guise of Harley LaQuinn, the gentle giant who pulls good dreams from the air and gives them to children to keep. He is a gifted magician and consummate performer with over two decades of experience, whose sparkle, intelligence and quiet charm are one of a kind.

This is the first of a three-part feature on Matthew, the interview in its entirety can be found throughout the month of February in the “Featured Artist” link to the right.


How would you describe your work in general?


I create hope. ~ If I can do what seems impossible, it can help others think what seems impossible in their life can be accomplished.

© Matthew Van Zee


Any favorite venues that you’ve performed at?


At times they are not even venues. It is when I see someone shy or scared and with a little bit of magic they lose their fear, and with that opens up and join the fun.

I see this a lots, when kids shy away from Harley LaQuinn the Nine Foot Jester, then after he blows bubbles and turns one of them into a solid fairy bubble, they open up and by the end of the day run up to Harley to give him a high five or a hug.

© Matthew Van Zee


Have you always been drawn to the arts of magic and performance?


Yes, but I was a terrible wallflower.

A lot of time I was the first to volunteer, but I would almost freeze on stage.

For my first five years of preforming magic I could not preform for a group larger than a small group like a kids birthday party or a table at a restaurant that I was doing close-up magic at.


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