Interview with Matthew Van Zee, Part 2

This is the second of our three-part feature on magician and performer Matthew Van Zee, the interview in its entirety can be found throughout the month of February in the “Featured Artist” link to the right.


© Matthew Van Zee

I would think that playing two (or more) different characters alternately at the same event must help to keep things interesting for you. Frankly when I first met you I didn’t realize that you and Harley were the same person, so that’s kind of another part of the magic, having something of a secret identity.


It keeps thing very Interesting, and at times very exhausting.

Interesting because, I may make a connection with someone in one persona, but when I see them latter, I may know who they are, but they think they are meeting someone new. In a way they are.

Exhausting because, each time I change persona it is like starting the day anew, and starting my day up to five times in a eighth hour performance day takes a toll.

The days that I am only one persona is no less exhausting because I have always believed the first person I see should get the same energy as the last person I see.

© Matthew Van Zee


What about your work do you enjoy most? Dislike most?


Like: Meeting and help people. Giving people something they do not need to live, but need to survive.

Dislike: Trying to do everything myself that I do not do well myself. Marketing, bookwork, etc.

© Matthew Van Zee


What advice would you give to other artists/performers, particularly ones who are new to the business?


Do your art whenever you can, and find ways to, “secretly,” do your art for people that need it but can’t afford it, and do it without recognition.


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