Interview with Matthew Van Zee, Part 3

This is the conclusion of our three-part feature on magician and performer Matthew Van Zee, the interview in its entirety can be found throughout the month of February in the “Featured Artist” link to the right.


© Matthew Van Zee

Are there any areas as a magician or performer that you’ve always wanted to explore but have never tried?


A – Still working to create and preform my “epic” show.

B – Get my thoughts and ideas in a book.


© Matthew Van Zee


What is coming up for you?


A summer of faires and festivals from April till Thanksgiving.

April in Washington

May my 7th year at the Castle of Muskogee, OK

June my 11th year, 9th in a row Ye Marrie Greenwood

July 4th year at Canterbury Ren. Faire OR

Aug WA. Midsummer Ren. Faire

Sept. Shrewsbury OR

October my 4th year at the Haunted Castle Festival in Muskogee, OK

© Matthew Van Zee


Where can we find you?