Homage to Homages

Having been a professional artist for at least 30 years and a lover of many different forms and genres of art for longer than that it’s no surprise that these various forms of inspiration would creep into my own work from time to time. Well, okay, maybe pretty much all the time, often subconsciously but also […]

Adventures in Dragon Making, Part 3

My first two experiences with these three-dimensional dragons was so much fun that I wanted to take the process another step forward. I was inspired while wandering a convention and seeing all of the wonderful costumes and props that were all around me, and since my experiences with Worbla began as specifically cosplay-related material it […]

Adventures in Dragon Making, Part 2

The results of my first attempt at sculpting dragons were encouraging enough and fun enough that I thought I’d have another go at it. My second foray into the world of dragon-making was based on this image, which I’d painted a while before: Incidentally, this image was originally inspired by a photo that was taken […]

Dragon Making, Part 1

Having done a number of cosplay-realted projects with a material called Worbla, I wanted to try making a straight sculpture with it. Worbla is a material that comes in sheets and when heated becomes sticky and plyable, like modeling clay, then becomes strong and hard when it cools down. Earlier in the year I had […]