The Art of Fae Nouveau (Part 3)

This is the third installment to an ongoing series of posts detailing a project of mine called Fae Nouveau, a mix of three parts Mucha, two parts fairy art and one part fun with friends.


© Herb Leonhard


This image has a long and colorful history. It features good friend and frequent model Amy. The original modeled photo was taken for a storybook that I had done several years before for a Korean book publisher.





This is how it appeared in that context:


© Herb Leonhard


It has always been one of my favorites and I’ve always wanted to do more with it than was done at the time. So I gave it a new lease on life as the Fairy Miss Muffet. The drawn version came first and was used in the original Fae Nouveau coloring book:


© Herb Leonhard


Some time later I decided to create a full color version and for that I used much of the original painting. I adapted it by creating a separate painting that included only the flowers, spider and wings.


© Herb Leonhard



When the second coloring book was made, it included another image featuring Amy, and again based on a photo from a completely different project. In this case from a photo shoot for a storybook that I had illustrated about a year before. In that case she played a Christmas angel and this was the fruit of that photo shoot.


© Herb Leonhard


There were several shots from the photo shoot that were similar but didn’t get utilized for that job, including this one:





So that evolved into something new. And Amy was delighted to be able to feature one of her dogs, Bella.




Here is the final color image:


© Herb Leonhard

The entire Fae Nouveau collection can be seen here

And of course there’s no place like home:

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    Beautiful stuff, herbs!
    Great to hear about your process and all that goes into creating the final image.

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