The Art of Fae Nouveau (Part 4)

When thinking about the inspirations for the Fae Nouveau project one could say that there were two “categories” of models. The first, as had been detailed previously, was what one could call “The Friends & Family Plan” of people who I already knew and asked about their involvement. The second category was artists whose work has inspired me in some way and who I felt really fit into my grand scheme of things.


The Spider & the Fly © Herb Leonhard
© Herb Leonhard

This features artist and author Tony DiTerlizzi and is something of a tribute to his rendition of the tale of the Spider & the Fly. Tony is a sharp enough guy to have brought a pair of scissors along with him to this friendly teatime chat.

In becoming part of the larger fae/fantasy/sci-fi/Pagan community I have had the great fortune of being introduced to many talented and inspirational people in many different genres. Among these are a very special trio of musicians known as Tricky Pixie, all of whom are amazing talents both individually and collectively. It seemed like a fun idea to do a “trilogy” based around their personalities and talents.


Pan's Fae Faun © Herb Leonhard
© Herb Leonhard

Having met Alec, the “The Faerie Tale Minstrel” Alexander James Adams, at a convention, I felt that he would fit into this project perfectly and I was inspired to create this piece. Incidentally, this was the point at which I began making these images purely for their own sake rather than with the intention of including them in the coloring books.


© Herb Leonhard
© Herb Leonhard

The second part of the trilogy features Betsy Tinney. In addition to seeing her perform with the band I also had the somewhat surreal experience of hearing her haunting cello tones coming through the ceiling one afternoon at an event that I was vending at. It was a two-floor venue and most of the entertainment was upstairs but could still be heard downstairs where I was.


Alligator in the House © Herb Leonhard
© Herb Leonhard

The third part is very much a tribute to the songwriting and storytelling magic of S.J. Tucker and includes a number of references to a few of the many songs that she has written or is otherwise associated with. There is an Alligator in the House (one of Betsy’s songs), Ravens in the Library, the Rabbit, the Cheshire Kitten, a candle for the Labyrinth, a nod to Neptune, the Wendy Trilogy, Valkyrie Daughter, the Great Velocipede Migration and she herself is the Firebird’s Child. One of my fondest memories was having Sooj thank me for depicting them as they “actually are”.

These two images were also used together as promotional artwork for a tour that Sooj and Betsy did as a duo shortly after.

© Herb Leonhard

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