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Client Love!

The illustrations came out better than I imagined.

~ Justin Busa

“With his artwork, Herb Leonhard creates fairy tale places where you want to live, and characters you want to know.  Inside that one picture, the story is clear, heartwarming and colorful.”~Debra Johanson

Herb is so easy to work with

~ Billy Young

Herb’s art not only makes you think, but it truly makes you feel, and I am grateful for the honor of experiencing his work

~ Laurie Ellis

I love this guy he always gets it done on time!

~ Robby McCullough

Herb Leonhard is the rare person whose heart and soul are so truly full of magic and whimsy that his works of art translate almost flawlessly between what is created internally and what is expressed to us.

~ Laurie Ellis


In a career spanning over thirty years as a professional illustrator and graphic designer, Herb has illustrated more than thirty books and has earned numerous awards and international acclaim. His clients have included musician Tori Amos, Pelican Publishing, Omnibus Press, Ashgate Publishing, Raven Publishing, Steiner Korea and D Magazine. Through his own company The Prancing Pony he has published a series of popular fantasy coloring books, storybooks and various related products.


Looking for a children’s book illustrator? Herb Leonhard offers professional and affordable book illustration services for authors and publishers. He has illustrated dozens of children’s book, coloring books, young adult books, science fiction books, book covers, magazines, and more! WE offers free price estimates and project consultations.

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