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Books are my favorite illustration projects. I work with publishers big and small. I can draw black and white drawings or full color illustrations, realistic or cartoonish whatever you need. I work mainly in acrylics on masonite board. A children’s book with full spread illustrations can take anywhere from 1 to 6 months. In addition to the illustrations, I am also well versed in the technical aspecs of publishing and printing your book, and upon request, can provide a full digital book file ready to go to print. I can also communicate with printers to get the results you need.



Herb and Allyson Leonhard are both artists, having met during art school. Over the years they have done many significant works in their local area including indoor and outdoor murals, theater sets & design, as well as many large street paintings. Murals and large pieces are some of the things they most enjoy doing together.

With a team of two painters we can get that big job done for you as quickly as possible.

Herb is a local artist and illustrator well-known for his fantasy art paintings exploring movement through pattern and color. If you are thinking about something large, contact us to talk about it, we are eager to work with you and have very reasonable rates!



The graphic presence of your brand and product create a lasting impression that matters. Working in all media from digital design to original illustrations with pen or pencil on paper or full color paintings, we will work with you to create a unique and consistent presence with images that instantly jump at you from the page or screen. Brand design, logos, business cards, posters, brochures, or labels we can do it.



Here is a little information to give you a helpful idea of fees, briefing and timing.

Below are some questions that help us decide what kind of projec it is and how we may best create it:

  1. We look forward to hearing from you and will be delighted to help further with your project.

  2. It’s difficult to quote mural prices over the phone. Consultations are FREE and we will meet with you personally to look at your wall space. Contact me today.



In a career spanning over thirty years as a professional illustrator and graphic designer, Herb has illustrated more than fifty books and has earned numerous awards and international acclaim.

His clients have included musician Tori Amos, Pelican Publishing, Omnibus Press, Ashgate Publishing, Raven Publishing, Steiner Korea and D Magazine. Through his own company The Prancing Pony he has published a series of popular fantasy coloring books, storybooks and various related products.


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